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Santi Millán was born in Barcelona in 1968 and started his work in theatres when in 1989 he joined the theatrical company LA CUBANA in which he stood for a decade.

Through LA CUBANA he did his first collaborations on TV acting in shows like EL DIA POR DELANTE and EL MARTES QUE VIENE of TVE or the New Years Eve Special Show in 1989 of TV3. After this he also participated in several comedy TV series produced by LA CUBANA for TV3 (Els Grau in 1991 and Teresines S.A. in 1993) and Telecinco ME LO DIJO PEREZ (1999).

After this he joined the show LA COSA NOSTRA presented by Andreu Buenafuente who stood on air until 2000 with high notable numbers of audience and winning wards like the Ondas ards. He also orked in ULMA NOCHE, A pèl, with Corbacho with whom he also worked in 5HOMBRE.COM and some other late shows like Andreu Buenafuente’s and for Antena 3 BOQUERIA BOQUERIA AFTER SUN, UAU.

In 2002 he joins the TV series PERIODISTAS by Telecinco and later he formed part of the cast of stars of 7VIDAS, one the series that brought him the most success.

In films, he has worked in VIVANCOS 3 (2003), DI QUE SI (2004) and small parts like in TORRENTE 2 (2000), LISISTRATA (2002) and NUDOS (2003). In 2005 Ventura Pons called him for his first drama leading role in the movie AMOR IDIOTA. He did it simultaneously with the comedy VA A SER QUE NADIE ES PERFECTO by Joaquín Oristrell. He has appeared in series like LEX in Antena 3.

Santi Millán produced with Zoopa the theatre play MAS ALLA DEL PUENTE, a comedy almost romantic by David Botello, starred by Marta Torné and Alex Brendemühl. After the success of the first season, Santi took the witness of Brendemühl and stepped onto the stage of Teatro Lara de Madrid in March 2nd 2011, reaping a great success from the audience.