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Her real name is Paz Campos Trigo and was born in Seville in 1976. Her first works were as an actress in the TV series “Más Que Amigos”, “Compañeros” and “7Vidas”.

Her first important role in films was in “Lucía Y El Sexo” (2000) by Julio Medem. That same year she also stars with Sergi López, “Solo Mia” by Javier Balaguer. She was candidate to the Goya awards in 2002 for both interpretations, getting the award for best new actress for her work for Medem.

In 2002 she made a brief participation in “Hablé Con Ella” of Pedro Almodóvar and she was also one of the leading actresses of “AL Otro Lado De La Cama” by Emilio Martinez Lazaro, the best seller Spanish movie of that year.

In 2003 she stared with Leonardo Sbaraglia “Carmen” and a year later she films in United States “Spanglish” by James L. Brooks; besides the Spanish production “Di Que Si” with Santi Millán. After that, her collaboration with Alejandro Sanz in his video clip “A La Primera Persona” was next; soon came her role as Caterina Sforza” in the movie “Los Borgia” and the leading role in the film “El Destino De Nunik”.

In October 2008 she joined the team of the TV series LEX, starred by her old co-star in “Siete vidas”, Javier Cámara, to make a collaboration in a group of episodes.

Internationally, she works under the direction of Frank Miller in the role Plaster of Paris for the action movie The Spirit and in 2009 she keeps developing her career in the movie Triage, where she shares the screen with actor Colin Farrell and legendary Christopher Lee.