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Nuria Roca

Nuria Roca Granell was born in Valencia, Spain in March 23rd, 1972.

She is a TV presenter who originally studied arquitecture in “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia” and started in the televisión world cassually, visiting a TV set as part of the audience in order to collect funds for her graduation trip.

She auditioned for a hostess job, encouraged by her friends, and was selected to present “La Sort de Cara” in channel 9, presenting later in that same channel, the show “Fem Tele”.

Other great projects she developed successfully, were “Waku Waku” by TVE, the New Years Eve Show of TVE (1999 and 2000), with Ramón García; “La Casa de tus Sueños”, “Buenas Tardes” (2000), “Nada Personal” (2001), “La Isla De Los Famosos”, “UHF”, “Nos Pierde la Fama”, “Gran Slam”, “Factor X”, “El Sexómetro”, “Tienes Talento”, “El Gran Quiz”. IN early 2009 she opened the Reality Show “Perdidos en la Tribu”, which had a second season in 2010.

After all this, comes “Reforma Sorpresa” a versión of the original “60 Minutes Makeover” and a year later “Tu Vista Favorita”. In April 2011 she successfully opened the show “Perdidos en la Ciudad”, the continuation of Perdidos en la tribu. In 2011 Nuria presents “Academia de Sexo”, an adaptation also of the show Sex Academy. In 2011 she is chosen as the official image of channel “Divinity” in which she will present interview shows and reportages. Currently she presents “El Millonario”, a variant versión of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Hot Seat”. The show is currently on and it is broadcasted from Monday to Friday.

Nuria did a few acting participations in TV Series like “Javier Ya No Vive Solo” by Emilio Aragón.

On her way over the radio, she collaborated in shows like “No Somos Nadie”, “Los cuarenta principales”, “Anda ya!”, “Atrévete” (where she has a section in which she shares real life reflections)

IN her literary facet, she published her first book in 2007 named “Sexualmente: El libro que tu chic@ no querrá que leas”; in 2009 she publishes her first novel: “Los caracoles no saben que son caracoles”. In 2011, Nuria Roca released her book “Para Ana (de tu muerto)”, written in collaboration of her husband Juan del Val.

She has received several prices and awards, among which there are “Premio Cosmopolitan” 2008 to the Best Presenter in “Factor X”, “Tienes Talento” and “El Gran Quiz”; “Antena de Oro de Televisión” 2004 for “La Selva de los Famosos”, among others.