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Mar Saura

María Del Mar Saura was born in Barcelona in October 16th 1975. She is an actress, model and TV presenter, better known as Mar Saura. She started her professional career as a model, after winning the beauty pageant Miss Barcelona in 1992. Among the modeling works she has done during that period, are several TV ads and runways in Gaudí and Cibeles by the hand of Francina International Modeling Agency, what later took her to live and work in New York, Milan and Japan.

After this, she is given the opportunity of acting in the TV series “Una De Dos” (98-99), besides recording the film “El Rey De La Granja” (2002). Later on she collaborates in “Escenas De Matrimonio” and finally she jumps to Mexico where she plays in two TV series there: “Capadocia” and “Mujeres Asesinas”.

As a presenter, she debuted in the TV space “Mírame” of Antena 3, replacing Silvia Jato (also presenter). Other shows presented by Mar were “La Noche de los Errores” (2002), “Verano Noche” (2002), “El Show De Los Récords” (2001-2006), a collaboration in “A Plena Luz” (2002), the contest “Llama y Gana” (2003) –all of them in TV Network Antena 3 – and “Noche Sensacional” (2007) in channel Nou, besides numerous galas in TVE, among them the special shows of New Year’s Eve of 2003, 2004 and 2005, all of them directed by José Luis Moreno.

In 2011, again in Telecinco, she participates in the TV series “Angel O Demonio” as Alexia.