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Manu Carreño

Manuel Carreño was born in Valladolid, Spain in August 6th 1969;

He is a radio and TV journalist who debuted in the TV show “La Cuenta Atrás”, moving later to TV Network “Canal Plus” to the sports section. In 2001 presents the TV contest “El Show De Los Récords” and when it is over, he conducts “Los Vigilantes De La Tele”, “El Gran Test” and “Informativo Antena 3 Noticias” in its noon edition.

Later on he switches to radio shows in “Al Primer Toque”, reaching high levels of audience, getting over the rival shows.

Carreño comes back to Television and again he joins “Canal Plus” with the show “Lo + Plus” until its cancellation in 2005. Since then he is head of the Sports section of the Information Services of “Sogecable” (Cuatro News and the disappeared CNN +). Also in Cuatro, is host and editor (sports) of News 1 and 2 of “Cuatro”. He hosts Monday-Friday “Cuatro” Sports News at 2:50 pm. He also narrates the Champions League matches in “Cuatro”.

In 2011, he received the Golden Microphone in the television category awarded by the Federation of Radio and Television in Ponferrada. That same year he was designated director and presenter of radio sports program “Carousel Deportivo”, Cadena Ser. As he has said, he is from the Real Valladolid.