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Kira Miró

Kira García-Beltrán Miró, better known as Kira Miró (Santa Brígida, March 13, 1980), is an actress and presenter of Spanish television.

Kira was born on March 13, 1980 in Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria. She was never sure which way to turn his future. In spite of shuffling the idea of studying Journalism or Publicity, it was when entering the school of Cristina Rota, in which was its brother, when it found its true vocation: the interpretation. She stayed there for three years and was in several courses, both interpretation and voice.

Her first chance on the small screen came from the hand of Desperate Social Club. It was Sofia and presented this youthful magazine that, during more than 300 programs broadcast and almost 4 years in aerial, in 2001 obtained a Wave Award to the “Most innovative program”. In television she has participated in numerous series. The first one was La vida de Rita, in 2003.

In cinema, Kira premiered in 1999 with the film Menos es más, by director Pascal Jongen. It was also in this year where the actress stepped on the tables, playing in the theater: The cat on the roof of zinc, for the school of Cinema TAI and La Katarsis of tomatazo, in the Mirador Room. In 2004 she got the role of Roxanne, a somewhat clumsy clerk in the black comedy of Alex de la Iglesia Crimen ferpecto. In 2008 she participated in the television series LEX, with the role of Gema, the detective of the firm responsible for gathering the necessary evidence for lawyers to carry out the trials.

In 2009 she returns to the big screen with Broken Embraces of Pedro Almodóvar and with Que to die the ugly ones of Nacho G. Velilla. From 2008 until 2010 also participates in the television series La tira, issued by La Sexta. In 2011 he climbs to a stage to represent FUGA and premiere the TV series, Punta Escarlata, a production of Globomedia for the television network Cuatro and the film No lo llames amor … call him X, starring alongside Paco León.