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Goyo Jiménez is an artistic creator known for collaborating in different television programs, but, above all, thanks to his role as comedian or monologue stand up comedy. Accumulating a vast professional, academic and personal career.

Simultaneously, he works as a professional theater actor and, since then, he has accumulated a vast and fruitful interpretive career on stage. Selected to be part of the television program El Club de la Comedia, it becomes a fundamental part of the theatrical productions that derive from this successful program: El primero, 5hombres.com, (for three years he has acted in this successful show, being the only actor who has represented the five characters). After 5 men and women.com, Night of Comedians. He also starred in the theatrical sequel to the program Los Irrepetibles de Amstel, with the same title, thanks to his amazing capacity for theatrical improvisation.

In parallel, and as author and theater director, he has written and / or directed since then twelve productions, with which he has surpassed the figure of one million spectators.

He has starred in the short films Do you remember how much I loved you, my official ?, by José Talavera, and Última voluntad, by Javier Fesser. In feature film format she has acted in secondary roles in the films Clara, she is not the name of a woman, Pepe Carbajo, Torrente 4, by Santiago Segura (she also collaborated in the script), and El Progón.

In television, Goyo Jiménez has been part of numerous projects and formats, both before and behind the cameras. With his monologues, he has excelled in each of the different participations he has made in Nuevos Comicos (Paramount Comedy) and El Club de la Comedia.