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Gregorio Jiménez Tornero (Melilla, January 31, 1970), with an artistic name Goyo Jiménez, is a comedian, actor, presenter and Spanish director, known for collaborating in different television programs, but above all thanks to his facet as a comedian Stand up comedy.

Goyo Jiménez, although born in Melilla, lived in Albacete and is often considered a native of this city of La Mancha, 1 forming part of what is often called Manchego humor. He is an artist who develops his work in very different disciplines. From 1988 to 1994 he studied simultaneously, Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, and Drama in the R.E.S.A.D. (Royal School of Dramatic Art) in Madrid, in addition to different monographic courses (scenic direction, dramatic writing).

But his artistic career had begun long ago, at an early age, since at the age of sixteen he had already won several prizes for literature, photography or video. But the theater is the subject that most appeals to you. That is why he creates, at age seventeen, his own theatrical company, of amateur character, with which he arrives to release three works of his authorship and / or address. From 1988 he began to work as a professional theater actor and since then he has accumulated a vast and fruitful interpretive career on the stage: companies such as La Fura dels Baus, Comedians, Teatro de Malta, Teatro Capitano, Teatro Fénix, Cal Theater, Delta Function, etc., allow him to perform all kinds of characters, dramatic or comic, in different scenic proposals: Greco-Roman Theater (Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes), classical theater (Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina , Calderón, Shakespeare, Molière, Zorrilla …), or contemporaries (Woody Allen, Francisco Nieva, Ignacio Amestoy, Rosa Montero …). With several of these montages he also participates in numerous international festivals and programs (Almagro, Sardinia, Venice, Florence, Verona, Pisa, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia …).

Selected to be part of the television program The Club of Comedy, he becomes the cornerstone of several of his most famous theatrical productions: 5hombres.com (for three years he acted in this successful show, being the only actor who represented the 5 characters) , 5hombresymujeres.com, Night of comedians and The Irrepetibles of Amstel (show of theatrical improvisation). Some of his most notable monologues as a comedian can be: Kennels, Americans or Calling in the USA. He himself defines himself as a “specialist in American affairs.”

In parallel, and as an author and theater director, he has written and / or directed since then twelve productions, of which more than nine hundred representations have been performed. To these they have to join their two shows of stand up comedy, entitled Past imperfect, Aiguantulivinamérica! And “By the way” with which is currently touring.

From the beginning of his broadcast in TVE and until 2010 he was co-director and screenwriter in La hora de José Mota, becoming a fundamental piece for the program. In that television space he also played numerous roles of distribution in multiple sketches, but above all he became known for embodying the villainous Captain Fanegas / Nemesio Tornero, an evil peasant with some “atavistic superpowers”, the Manchego Deep Powers.

She introduced the program of Four Do not Tell Mom I Work on TV during her four months. The space received diverse criticisms, mainly for its contents, and diverse changes of schedule, until, finally, it was canceled by lack of hearing.

In 2014-2015 he collaborated in the Zapeando de LaSexta space. Since September 2016 it has presented the Orbi Laika scientific dissemination program in La 2, replacing Ángel Martín.