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Gaby Espino

Gaby Espino, is an Venezuelan actress, model and presenter.

It has been an advertising model in various Latin American countries for mass consumption products such as: Pepsi Cola, Gatorade, Nestle, Didijeans, Kandu, Pantene, Movistar, Alphi sunglasses, Fiz Swimsuits and various sweets.

It was one of the Polar Girl for the Venezuelan beer of the same name. During the riots and demonstrations that shook Venezuela during the first decade of the 21st century, Espino’s popularity in the country was highlighted by one of the slogans used by groups opposed to Hugo Chávez, which said “¡Viva la cerveza! ¡Viva Gaby Espino! “

In 2005 he ventured into the cinema with La mujer de mi hermano, a film by Peruvian Ricardo de Montreuil and produced by the Venezuelan Stan Jakubowicz, based on the book by Jaime Bayly and in 2006, he worked on Elipsis, by the Venezuelan Eduardo Arias-Nath.

Since the beginning of November 2016, in Alméria in Spain, Gaby Espino is filming the film Jesus of Nazareth by Rafa Lara and produced by José Manuel Brandariz where María Magdalena incarnates next to Julián Gil what is starring Jesus.