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Emilio Pineda was born in October 7th 1973 in Madrid. He is a journalist graduated from “Universidad Complutense” of Madrid from the faculty of Information Sciences and he started his career on local Televisions.

He has been dedicated to journalism for more than ten years, although it has been in the last years that he reached a high level of popularity due to his work hosting several TV shows with great audiences, linked to tabloid journalism. Right now he presents the morning magazine of Castilla-La Mancha “Televisión El Patio”.

Among the TV shows he has worked in, there are “Play Music”, “EL Buscador”, “Salsa Rosa”, “Un Año Sin Yeremi”, “Está Pasando”, “Natascha: caso abierto”, “El topo”, “De buena Ley”, “Boing”, “Juegos en familia”, “Telemadrid”, “Madrid Directo”, among others.

He calls himself a televisión addict: “my family and friends say I spend too many hours in front of the TV”. His other passion is music.