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Elsa Punset

Spanish thinker and essayist, Elsa Punset has a degree in Philosophy and Letters and in Humanities from the University of Oxford. She was formed, on the other hand, in Musical Composition at the Manhattan School of Music and in Sound Engineering at the New School in New York. A piano performer, Punset is specialized in the work of Albéniz.

She is dedicated to the study, dissemination and development of skills that allow us to know and manage our emotional states. She is one of the best connoisseurs in Spain of Emotional Intelligence.

Her lectures revolve around two main axes: emotional intelligence in daily life, with a practical profile and on the topics of her book; and emotional and social intelligence applied to education (effects of the different emotional and social education programs that are applied in schools in various countries around the world). They also offer practical keys to improve emotional well-being and relationships with others. In her words, “what we are is what we feel¨ and ¨what we feel we can master or manage in a more positive way¨.