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Dariusz Miroslaw Dabroski best known as “Darek” was born in Poland in 1980.

He is a model and TV presenter that came out to the public eye when he started a relationship with model and actress “Ana Obregón”. He started in the show business by working as a professional of the “Body Fitness” and studied for Physical Trainer and Nutritionist. He participated in a TV Show called “SexTet” in Poland.

Among his TV works in Spain, where he currently lives, stood out “El Club De Flo”, “Sé Lo Que Hicisteis”, besides all the advertising campaigns and runways he worked in, like the “Francis Montesinos” runway show in the Cibeles Fashion Show, plus other TV Series participations like the one in “Yo Soy Bea”, among others.

He is currently getting ready for his wedding with couple and manager while he keeps working in social events as public figure and image, runways, advertising campaigns, among other projects he is currently working in.