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She was born in Tangier. She spent her childhood in Tangier and her youth in Malaga, from where she went to Barcelona with the purpose of seeing her dream of being an artist fulfilled. Its beginnings were hard, but with effort and little by little, in the middle of the Seventies, she became the main star of Cadena Ferrer, that managed diverse premises in Barcelona. It was then that she made her film debut with Vicente Aranda in the film Cambio de sexo, where she would have as a cast partner a very young Victoria Abril. The success of the film of Aranda turned it into a popular personage that quickly jumped to the Spanish homes through the television.

In 1980 she published a disc, called like her, Bibi Andersen. She gets great success with the songs Call me Lady Champagne and Save Me. She participates in different television programs and performs in theaters continuing her work as magazine magazine.

At the beginning of the eighties she worked in Trailer for lovers of the forbidden of Pedro Almodóvar, a friend with whom he will continue to collaborate in a good part of his filmography. (Matador, The Law of Desire, High Heels and Kika). In 1984 she starred in the film by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, La noche más hermosa, with Victoria Abril, José Sacristán and Fernando Fernán Gómez. In 1985 participated in the comedy of Fernando Trueba, Be infidel and do not look with whom, next to Ana Belén, Carmen Maura and Antonio Resines.

After making her debut as a presenter in the evening, Pilar Miró proposed her as a companion of Carlos Herrera in the presentation of the musical space and varieties Saturday night (1988-1989). The good chemistry that emerged between the couple and the naturalness of both made the program a success.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s she combined her work as a television presenter with her interventions in the cinema. Other programs that led were Estress (1991), Hip Hip Hypnosis, Many Thanks and Mint and Chocolate (2003), plus an episode of the series Girls Today, various finery and end of year specials.

Other cinematographic titles in her career are Rowing to the wind to the orders of Gonzalo Suárez, Mutant Action of Álex de la Iglesia, More than love, frenzy of the trio of directors, Menkes, Bardem and Alfonso Albacete, and Atomic (Do not speak to me of the Men that I put atomic) of Menkes and Albacete.

In 1998, coinciding with the premiere of Atomic, she decided to change her stage name to his true name, calling himself Bibiana Fernandez instead of Bibi Andersen, as was known until that time. In this same decade was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. In 2000 she married the Thai rite with a Cuban model, Asdrúbal Ametler González, 1 of whom separated in 2003.

In 2005 she began to collaborate in the program Channel # 4 in channel Four, in addition to collaborating in the radio program radio Estadio emitted in Onda Cero.

In 2014, she participated in the reality show Survivors: Lost in Honduras, where after 28 days competing became the 5th expelled from the edition. After being expelled from the reality Bibiana returns to the cinema again from the hand of Alfonso Albacete with the film Only Chemistry, which was released in the summer of 2015. In this film shares a poster with Rossy de Palma and José Coronado among others. In turn in 2014 was as a guest to Talk to them in Telecinco, a program that is broadcasted in the late night of Telecinco.

She currently works as a collaborator on Ana Rosa de Telecinco’s program. He also stars successfully with the actress, Loles Leon, the play The Great Depression.

In addition, Bibiana devotes part of her time to sharing snapshots about her life through her Ingres ego in Instagram, Thedevilisawoman. This name comes from the film El Diablo was a woman. His account is admired by more than 130,000 fans. In 2014 announces its signing as collaborator for Big Brother the debate. Bibiana appears in a chapter of the eighth season of The looming.