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Berta Collado was born in Toledo, Spain in July 3rd 1979 adn was raised in Cáceres. She went to advertising school in CEU San Pablo de Madrid University and afterwards did a master’s degree in Television Comunication.

She is also a model and a TV presenter and has collaborated in the following shows: “Do U Play?” in tv cannel Onda 6 (2004-2006), “Insert Coin” in AXN and Sony TV (2006-2008), “Maracaná 06” in Cuatro (2006-2007), “U.V.E” in Cuatro (2007), “Como te lo cuento?” in Localia TV (2007), “El ojo público del ciudadano” in TVE (2007), “Esta tarde con esta gente” in Cuatro (2007), “Sé lo que hicisteis” in La Sexta (2007-2011), “Involución” in Neox (2011) and “Cruce de palabras” in Canal Extremadura (2012).

Among the substitutions she has successfully and done with a lot of professionalism for co-workers with whom she also collaborates with, there is the one she did in “Sé Lo que Hicisteis” for Dani Mateo in 2009 in the news section, re-calling it “Berta y la actualidad”. In august that same year, she covered for Miki Nadal doing his section too. She renewed her contract with La Sexta in 2010 and has her own section in the show. In addition to that, she collaborated punctually the entire show, replacing for the first time Patricia Conde. From july 2010 on, she is the official substitute for her during her vacation time, and during that period the show is called “Sé lo que hicisteis, verano”.

Among the advertising works of impact she has done, we found that in 2009 she appeared in the FHM magazine’s cover for men, having as a result position number 22 in the world ranking of “The Sexiest Woman in the World” and in 2010 she went up to position number 7. That same year she was the cover for Must! Magazine and in 2011 she hosted the gala for the Must Awards. She also got the “Top Glamour Award” as the “new face in television”.

In december she presented the New Years Eve show with Anna Simon, Marisa Naranjo and other co-hosts in NEOX. She also collaborated in the TV series “Entre Líneas” in 2012, playing “Ainhoa”. Since January 2012 she hosts the show “Cruce de palabras” in “Canal Extremadura”.