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Angel Martín, comedian and TV host from Barcelona, Spain, was born on October 5th 1977, pianist in his beginnings and then studied Scenic Arts, although he started playing parts very opposite to humor.

After that he became very popular thanks to his participation in the TV Show “Sé Lo Que Hicisteis” with Patricia Conde where he was his own scriptwriter for 5 years. This took him to be the trustworthy presenter and host of that TV Network LA SEXTA, inviting him afterwards to host the TP de ORO Awards and the New Years Eve Galas.

Among the projects performed with success, there was his participation in “Paramount Comendy” where he starred monologs like “Psicofonías y Espiritismo” and “Cuentos Infantiles”. There was also his participation in the TV Show “NOche Sin Tregua” presented by his friend and former roommate (back when they were starting in the acting and comendy world) Dani Mateo, “La Noche Con Fuentes Y Compañía”, receiving awards like the TP de ORO and an Academy of the Television of Spain award for Best TV Host.

Angel has played in films like “Pernambuco” (2006), “Marta Molina” (2007), “La Historia Completa De Mis Fracasos Sexuales” (Spanish Dub – 2009). Ha tenido participaciones importantes en obras teatrales como “Qué Viene Richi” (2008), “Un Dos Tres Probando”, “Nunca Es Tarde” (2011)