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Andy García, or Andrés Arturo García Menéndez, born in La Habana, Cuba in 1956, moved to Miami, Florida when he was 5 years old, with his parents and relatives, establishing the family there and getting to form a well known perfumes Company in that industry.

Andy started his acting career in Florida International University, then moved to Hollywood, playing little roles that introduced him into the entertainment and acting world. He later attracted the producers eye with his role in “Eight Ways Of dying” and got a part in the famous “Untouchables” by Brian De Palma. After that he became even more famous for his part in “The Godfather III” which led him to get his first Academy Award.

Among the roles he has played in movies, where he has always felt proud of his Cuban background, there is a major highlight in “The Lost City” where he played a role that he had already lived in real life back when they moved to United States.

In 1982 he married María Victoria Lorido and the have 2 kids. Among the blockbuster movies he has played in, we can mention “Cristiada”, “Across The Line”, “City Island”, “New York I Love You”, “The Pink Panther”.