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Sergio Ramos started playing in the team of his people, Camas, before joining the youth football of Sevilla FC. Joaquín Caparrós made him debut in the first Sevilla team in the 2003-04 season and in the 2004-05 season becomes the revelation player of the league with 19 years. Real Madrid is betting on him and in the summer of 2005 he has signed him for 27 million euros.

Sergio Ramos demonstrates from the first day his mixture of strength, quality and impudence, becoming a place among the stars of the white sky: Zidane, Ronaldo, Raúl … He soon became the undisputed holder, a condition he maintains a decade later.

Ramos has earned the trust of his teammates and the fans of the Santiago Bernabéu, although his latest renovation became a tremendous pulse with the club’s managers, including Florentino Pérez. Sergio demanded to charge at the level of the other team leaders. The charismatic defense has starred in ridiculous moments, such as the penalty kick that sent the clouds into a tie against Bayern Munich, or the disgust that took when the King’s Cup trophy fell on the 2011 Rúa. But also instants that make him a hero of Real Madrid, as the goal ‘in extremis’ that forced the extension in the final of the Champions 2014 in Lisbon against Atlético and then led his team to victory.

Sergio Ramos can play as a central defender and right back, and has even played as a midfielder, although he is at the center when he offers his best performance. His speed and physical ability allow him to dominate the game, both in the defensive and in the offensive – he is a good scorer in set pieces – and makes him an excellent player.