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Josef Ajram

He was born in Barcelona on April 7, 1978. Son of a Syrian father and a Spanish mother, Josef Ajram started university courses in business administration at a private university but left them to pursue the stock market. With this objective in 2000 he founded the company Caltal Promotrading with the support of his family. His specialty is day trading, which consists of buying and selling many share packages during the same day, and his preferred market is the Spanish bag.

As a lecturer, Josef teaches introductory courses to the stock market. In 2009 he created Where is the Limit, a company-club that has more than 800 members throughout Spain and has delegations in cities such as Valencia, Marbella, Madrid, La Coruña or Seville. He is also a partner of the digital marketing and social media agency Molokai as well as Tradercom. He has published several books of personal motivation and self improvement.

He works as an intraday trader speculating in the Barcelona Stock Exchange and the Madrid Stock Exchange.1

In addition to his activities on the stock exchange, he is an amateur athlete, who participates in endurance races such as triathlon, cycling, mountain biking or marathons. He has finished several Ironmans, among them, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and South Korea. He is the first Spaniard to finish the Ultraman in Canada and Hawaii. In 2006, he finished second in the Titan Desert behind Pedro Vernis. On May 5, 2011 participated in the Epic 5 of Hawaii, noncompetitive test where only athletes chosen by the organization participated. He was first in four of the five stages that make up the Epic 5 and was the participant who spent less time, although there was no official classification or trophy.