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In 1993 he won a full scholarship as student-student-athlete to qualify in second place in the US OPEN in the 1500 m. He received the offer from several universities, deciding on the University of Southern California (USC), in Los Angeles, where he joined the group of Mark Schuber, current head coach of the US Olympic team, and graduated in Dramatic Art. by the aforementioned university in 1999 with complementary studies of Landscape Architecture.

In 1999 he had to stop competing officially having been suspended for a positive result by nandrolone together with the swimmer Igor Magcen in a test held in Brazil. His license was finally rehabilitated by the FINA in 2002, having since obtained five new medals in World and European Championships, with provisional license having been suspended provisionally during 2000 and 2001, which allowed him to participate in official tests in that period. During the suspension period, he made the decision to face challenges, some of them never before committed.

He became a specialist in solitary challenges, with which he continued even out of the penalty period. Among others, he crossed the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar, the distance between the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife and the Bay of San Francisco. David Meca is the only swimmer in the history of world swimming to have won four medals in the same World Championship. In Hawaii 2000, he won the silver medal in 5 km, the gold medal in 10 km and the silver medal in 25 km. He also received the team silver medal. It is the circumstance that in this World Championship, Spain was classified in the second position – only surpassed by Russia -, being the only representative of the Spanish team David Meca. Recently, this team medal, which David once gave to the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN), was returned to the swimmer by the President of that entity, at the suggestion of the Sports Council (CSD), on the understanding that he belonged to him for being a single swimmer, representing Spain, who had obtained the Silver Medal by teams. Therefore, it was understood that it was fair for the swimmer to keep the medal along with the other three singles of the same Championship. Since then, David has won the four medals, both individually and by teams, with his only participation. Although the other countries presented three swimmers for each of the tests, the silver medal for teams was for Spain. On the other hand David Meca is the only swimmer in the history of the CSA (Channel Swimming Association), which has crossed the English Channel twice with a score of less than eight hours. Specifically 7 hours and 45 minutes in 2004 and 7 hours 22 minutes in the year 2005, both being the best world record of the year and, respectively, third and second best record in history.

David Meca appears in Volume X of the History of Swimming, published by the FINA (International Swimming Federation), as the most successful swimmer in the history of long distance swimming.