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He was born on January 17, 1969. His real name is Tijs Verwest, and he is one of the most famous deejay dance music and trance in the world. He is considered by many of the best electronic dance music DJ. Tiësto has mastered the subtleties of his art during the course of his long and unstoppable career. He began playing records at a nightclub in his hometown of Breda, at the age of 16.

Over time he “graduated” in THE SPOCK, a popular club in the same locality in Netherlands, where he slowly perfected a mix of house sounds and bass-heavy grooves that were clearly different from the melodies of most Dutch dj of the time . He soon caught the attention of Basic Beat Recordings label, Rotterdam, label with which he launched his first series of mixed CDs call FORBIDDEN PARADISE (PARAISO PROHIBITED).

With his experience, Tiësto would ensure control of all releases that bear his name. That is why in 1997 with his colleague Arny Bink he formed his own label, Black Hole Recordings, where he released his next of segment, In Search Of Sunrise (In Search Of Sunrise) and Magik compilations ..

Therefore his reputation began to grow in Europe and North America, experienced professionals of this sector noted: Tiesto in 2000 signed an agreement with Nettwerk America and launched Summerbreeze, an amazing mix CD that was very successful, the result of which highlights his epic remix Delirium Silence which had the incredible voice of Sarah McLachlan, and reached the 3rd ranking in the Billboard charts and kept in memory the name Tiësto in the heart of countless new fans. In 2002 Tiësto took another step forward with the debut of his first artist album “In My Memory”. On this album we have several soundtracks such as “Flight 643”, “Lethal Industry”, “Obsession” and as finishing touch “Suburban Train”, they all met with great success reaching all European charts and reached the last 2 soundtracks reached the top 10 of UK charts.

His reputation grew and he made several remixes for many artists including Sarah McLachlan, BT, Faithless and Moby (his famous remix of The Space Between Dave Matthews Band was finally unreleased. Even Moby Tiësto proposed to participate in its Area2 tour, where he shared the stage with renowned DJs the likes of Carl Cox and Joh Digweed, and David Bowie as a major star. The highlight for Tiesto in 2002 was being named the dj # No. 1 in the world by the prestigious British magazine DJ Mag. In 2003 with Nyana, his most successful mix CD up to now, Tiësto continued to fill the trophy cabinet; Dj named # 1 in the world again in the DJ Mag UK, and best international Dj at the awards DanceStar USA. This commercial and overwhelming proof double mix CD is the most important success, which shows in all its facets and styles as Dj: “CD1 The Outside” reveals his hardest productions and fast while “CD2 The Inside” is slower and warm with a more progressive style.

At the end of 2003 Tiësto performed alone in the Netherlands for more than 25,000 people in his unforgettable “Tiesto In Concert”. Never before anywhere in the world one dj had performed in a stadium of this size and for so many people. Tiësto ended the year by mixing for the New Year in Australia. The beginning of 2004 does not seem less promising, Billboard magazine dedicates an exclusive interview to mark the release of his new album JUST BE.

Today Tiesto travels several times a month to Ibiza invited by Gatecrasher and others clubs and is considered as one of the best trance DJs of the momen