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Madrid, mid 80’s, the Spanish capital lives a true musical explosion not known until then. In the midst of all this whirlwind an unknown teenager enters a record store to invest their savings in an album, Standing on a beach of The Cure. Neither he knew that this was going to be the first step of a long and expensive staircase that would take him to be one of the essential DJs in this country.

This fondness for the records for own consumption continued expanding with references of Joy Division, The Smiths, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim and all the Dark wave and the gothic rock. The electronic came later, when he attends as a public one of the historical moments of electronic Madrid, the legendary nights EBM in the disco OH Madrid. We talk about 1989 and a risky promoter decides to bring the capital to the cream of the European Body Music, in a few months they go through the stage of this club: Front 242, Cassandra Complex, Nitzer Ebb or A Split Second. Many of the attendees to these nights were hooked definitively to the hardest electronics and Óscar was one of them.

A race without spots, without turns, full of work and dedication, with the same love for music that in the mid-80s he bought his first vinyl and without ever losing the illusion, an illusion that holds a future full of new projects and expectations.