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BUXXI is an urban artist from San Andres that blends elements of music like reggae, cumbia, dancehall, music of the Caribbean islands and electronic music; producing innovative music and full of rhythm.

Born in San Andres Island in 1986 and today is considered by many the leading producer of the urban genre in the country and one of the most prolific and talented musicians, due to his lyrical flow.

Shock Winner for best new artist, has worked with ChoqQuibTown, Nejo Y Dalmata, Juan Magan, Zion y Lennox, among others, securing a place among the most influential in Latin American urban genre.

His solo career was born in 2010 when he released the singles UN TRAGO POR ELLA and AMORES QUE SUFREN, which reached number one in several countries in Latin America.

His music is a combination of Spanish, English and Creole (San Andres’ culture dialect) and his lyrics are cheerful and Caribbean-inspired and in the island women’s movement, their sensuality and their experiences as representative raizal culture.

In 2011, BUXXI premiered COMO TU NO HAY DOS, which reached the first places in the country charts and has over 16 million views on YouTube. This single marked the beginning of the international career of BUXXI who starts playing in youth clubs and radio stations in countries like USA, Spain, France, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Recently, BUXXI delivers a new song to the market called VUELVE that will be part of his first album due out in 2012, continuing the work that will take him to emerge as the Colombian street artist most internationally known of all times.