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Booking a flamenco dancer, ideal for your event or for a marketing campaign

Complement your event or advertising campaign with a flamenco dancer that increases exclusivity and impact of your event. We take care of everything, ensuring your success.

Send us a message with the artist or celebrity you are looking for and we will send you the price for the Singer, Cook, Sportsman, Humorist, Influencer or DJ you want. In addition, we will quote you other complementary activities for your Event, Show or Advertising Campaign.

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Booking of Actors, Singers, Cooks, Athletes, Comedians, Influencers and Famous DJs at national and/or international level.

Three reasons to hire artists/celebrities with Totalísimo
  • An artist or celebrity increases the notoriety, exclusivity, and outcome of your event or marketing campaign
  • We facilitate and streamline the entire process, we take care of everything ensuring the success of your event or advertising campaign
  • We customize your budget by detailing all costs and avoiding extra costs and unexpected issues!