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Jesús Vázquez, married, born under the sign of Virgo in Ferrol in 1965, with more than 59,000 followers on Facebook, like many upper class kids, extended his studies at the London Institute and Elementary School at the English London Institute for children of Ferrol then finishing his high school studies and COU at Montefaro College.

It was after those formative years of travelling, that he got to Melilla, where he began the Veterinary College to conclude that his fate was in the capital of Spain. By the 80’s era of “La Movida De Madrid” he ventured himself into pursuing his ideals almost immediately and once he was in the land of the opportunities, he started getting famous with TV shows like “La Quinta Marcha”, “Hablando Se Entiende La Basca” and after that he recorded the hit “A Dos Milímetros Escasos de tu Boca” with which he won a gold record but he finished right then and there with music.

In 2000 he presented another set of TV Shows such as “Allá Tú”, wich CUATRO and TELECINCO produced together after their fusion, also presenting “Uno Para Ganar”, becoming afterwards the new director of the Spanish version of “Pekin Express” in its 4th edition. Jesús is currently about to start hosting the Spanish adaptation of “The Voice” by Telecinco.