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What is an event?

What is an event?

What is an event? and Why do a Business Event?

Event definition

The world of events is as complex as it is exciting. According to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy), an event is an important and programmed function of a social, academic, artistic or sporting nature. But in reality, it is much more. It is reason, emotion, passion and dedication. It is having an idea to organize an event and make it happen.

Nobody has the exact formula on how to organize successful events, but it helps a lot if the events company is at the forefront of all the changes and new tools.

Every little detail in the organization of an event counts. Everything is important, from the initial preparation to the assembly of the event, the furniture, the realization of the communication plan and the decorations. The synergy between all the elements is the key to success.

The promotion and event agencies are well aware that their industry is booming and that the public is becoming increasingly select, so they need professionals with a high dose of training and equally large, enthusiasm.

In short, events will always be an active part of our lives because people need to FEEL.


Motivate employees

Corporate events such as Team Buildings, business games, company meetings and incentive trips are key events to restore the motivation of workers, strengthen the spirit of teamwork and the total productivity of the company.

Brand Positioning

The more clients know you, the better. For that reason, events and parties of “branding” increase the opportunity to make your company known, position it, generate experiences, brand memories and, of course, sales.

Get more potential customers and keep the loyalty of the existing ones

The activities that mix your company with your potential clients such as business breakfasts, congresses and networking events are a perfect opportunity to build face-to-face relationships with customers, generate new business opportunities and increase the turnover of your company.