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Tendencias en eventos


In the communication and marketing sector, everything is governed by trends and the differential touch that is given to it, with decoration being a fundamental point that will generate an impact on the guests’ experience.

The technological evolution has considerably influenced the way of organizing, planning and evaluating an event, with new technologies appearing (QR codes, video mapping, digital invitations, etc). These developments have benefited from making events more impactful and easier and more effective to organize.

As you can see, not everything can be trends, there are classics that never go out of fashion and therefore cannot be missing from any event. Flowers, chairs, tables, tablecloths and other elements are essential.

The decoration will give a touch and identity to the space, composing the atmosphere of the place and providing a distinctive touch.

In our blog we show you some of the trends that are hitting hard this 2019.


Lighting is one of the touches that no one usually misses at an event, thus providing light, style and personality according to the distribution and type of lighting

The lighting can be dynamic, static, white or colourful and can be used for a variety of purposes, creating a different atmosphere. To do this, we must consider factors such as age, business sector, the intention to be transmitted, etc.


We all love the special touches and if they involve us much more.

The stations are one of the most requested resources because they have a specific function apart from decorating, thus providing a differentiating touch.


Showing corporate elements through projection is a perfect idea to capture the attention of the audience through dynamic elements that come to life.

This technique of projecting videos or animations on surfaces has multiple functions. It can be projected on a smooth wall, on facades, irregular surfaces and even on objects.

New technologies are an inexhaustible source that never ceases to surprise us and provide us with new utilities such as gastronomic mapping or interactive mapping.


Thematizing an event is an arduous task, since achieving the chosen theme is a very complex task. To do this, we must have quality materials and professionals who have the necessary tools.

Through theming we can give free rein to our imagination, setting and theming through sculptural and architectural reproductions, reproduction and restoration of facades, signs and logos 3D.

Generate user experiences

Guests must be made to participate, ensuring that our events allow attendees to enjoy interactive experiences. We can provide decorative elements that are not so expensive and that can provide a personal touch.

The active participation of the attendees, the integration of new communication formats and the implementation of thematic actions will be increasingly taken into account in the organization of future events.

The surprise factor should always be a combination of the expected and the unexpected.