Dar a conocer un Evento


Nowadays, many companies spend thousands of euros in the organization of an event. Surprisingly, many of them do not know how to do a good promotion and how to communicate with the public.

Promoting an event will give you the following advantages: it provides greater visibility, improves the image of your company internally and externally, promotes customer acquisition and expands your network of contacts.

We are wrong to think that the most complex part is the organization of the event itself, since what will undoubtedly bring us more benefits is knowing how to promote the event properly. Competition is very high in almost all sectors and it is very difficult to make our event stand out from the rest.

Creating a specific website for the event is one of the best ways to achieve the desired success. The website should contain attractive and concise information of the event with generation of own content.

To do this we must provide the following information:

  • Place where the event will be held
  • Who are the organizers
  • Detailed description of the event
  • Videos and images
  • Registration form

The idea of distributing information in this way is to encourage users to be part of the experience.
To devise an original slogan focused on the target audience with the idea of generating noise and expectation is one of the most important points. A few weeks before the event it will be necessary to actively disseminate the event to attract a greater number of attendees.

We can’t forget to put a #hashtag with which all attendees and people involved can accompany their publications and share them on their social networks. It is very important to involve your entire environment to share the event. Nowadays everybody uses social networks to consult information and contents of interest.

It is essential to have videos and photographs for the dissemination of the event, showing visual content to attract new attendees who want to participate in the experience. Also important is the search for sponsors, increasing the possibilities of achieving greater visibility and increasing the total budget.

Finally, it is important to create elaborate content to be published later on the Social Networks. It is advisable that this content is only allowed in exchange for leaving your data, so that we can make a database to contact later.

Thanks to this information we will be able to launch an email campaign with the aim of promoting the event. The messages should seem as personalized as possible, avoiding overloading them with colors and images.

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