Flamenco Passion


Are you thinking of hiring a flamenco show?

Having a flamenco show for an event is a real success. Flamenco shows add a very characteristic touch to any celebration, giving it a unique artistic and cultural potential.

Since our beginnings, at Totalísimo we have always had a close and very special relationship with flamenco. For this reason, we have decided to create a show with the purest essences of flamenco and its roots.

Flamenco Passion is a new project born from the interest in spreading the art of flamenco in all its facets, through the history of music by winking at Paco de Lucía and Camarón de la Isla, focusing on the dance, its strength and its rhythm.

This new show will transfer the audience to another atmosphere with the nuances of the chords of Paco de Lucía, considered the most prestigious international flamenco guitarist who throughout his artistic career preserved the roots of flamenco.

As the show is well known, “From Lucía to Camarón” refers to a name that is essential for understanding the music of the second half of the 20th century, such as Camarón de la Isla, a music revolutionary who contributed to the reconversion of the genre, although respecting its most genuine essence.

This work is composed of feeling, art and passion that are breathed in each of the chords, with a differential touch in their choreographies, worthy of dazzling any lover of this genre.

In this show you can feel the fusion of the most current styles such as piano, violin, flute or electric bass.

A show thought in the small details, meticulous and with a staging capable of wrapping. Formed by a group of artists who make the public enjoy and understand the intentions that you want to convey in each of the representations.

If you are interested call us without obligation. This show is available for cultural programming in theatres, private and corporate events, congresses and public entities. Consult the different formats!