We live in a world where everything goes very fast and in constant movement, within a routine with some stability. This means that, as long as something unusual does not happen, we know how to act at certain setbacks.

But what to do in the face of news like the one we are dealing with now? Or what happens if the company loses its main client? …

A crisis can become visible at any time and, as we have seen, we are not prepared for it, or at least the vast majority.

How to detect a crisis?

A crisis is a serious decisive moment with consequences that put the development of a company on stand-by, causing instability and an interruption of normality.

It is really very easy to detect it, the complicated thing comes when we have to face it.

What is crisis management?

Crisis management consists of having the capacity and resources to act quickly in situations harmful to a company. The main problem we encounter is time, it is the scarcest resource and the most important in a crisis.

Right now, with the crisis caused by CONVID-19, we are blocked and without resources to act, the most asked question these days is how to get out of an external crisis that affects all companies. If anything is clear to us these days, it is that few are saved from the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis in the region.

Now more than ever we must turn to reliable sources of information, and managers are not currently receiving specific training in this critical area.

Regarding the crisis plan, we must avoid some bad practices that contribute to a poor response to employees and that can be overcome through planning, coordination and information.

To inform you;
  • Contrast messages and opinions from multiple experts.
  • Check official sources
  • Carefully review the recommendations to the public
  • Don’t get carried away by rumors without being verified beforehand
  • Do not refer to spokespersons with poor behavior, inappropriate behavior or lack of empathy.

we will return with the batteries recharged and with more force than ever, in Totalísimo we continue planning everything that is to come!