Decoración exterior


An outdoor event can be a great idea, but sometimes plans can be twisted and end up becoming a catastrophe. That is why it is necessary to review all the important aspects so that the day flows smoothly despite the weather.

First of all, define your target audience and be very clear about your initial motivation, what you want to convey, what you intend to achieve, etc.

Imagination is everything to start thinking up a project, it includes shows and original ideas that are compatible with any weather, that surprise and that therefore remain in the memory of the attendees.

At the beginning of any project keep in mind the following points;

Tents and structures

Rain or wind are not the only weather conditions that can play tricks on us, sun, heat, cold or humidity can also be annoying.

Put up a tent adapted to the weather conditions and enjoy the event.

Resistant decoration

It is important to make sure that all decoration, tablecloths and candles are properly secured to reduce risks. We can also make use of weights for fastening light elements. We should look for objects that guarantee safety and support while providing a decorative touch.


Experience is everything at this point, look for a supplier with baggage and who has professionals trained to preserve food according to the weather conditions.

Have a provider who not only offers the requested service but also recommends the appropriate foods according to the season.


Never leave out the hiring of insurance and permits, this is one of the items left for the end when it really is one of the most important aspects to take into account

In case of rain or excessive heat do not hesitate to provide guests with a bathroom close to the venue.

It is also very important in summer events to put elements that keep mosquitoes away, in open spaces it can be very annoying for the assistants.

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve the reputation and image of your company and even to improve internal relations!