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Como presentar una idea


1. Present the idea in an original way

Focus on the idea presented being striking enough to create a need for it. To do this, it is necessary to plan a strategy that will help us capture the attention of our client.

2. Explain all the points in detail

Our role as an agency is to inform the client to the point where he understands what we are talking about. Clients love to master the subject matter, this will make them feel comfortable, that is why it is good and necessary to give them a basic knowledge about the idea being presented and the benefits it will offer.

3.Make an out-of-the-ordinary presentation

We have become accustomed to presenting new projects and ideas with standard presentations without bringing anything new to the table. Our advice is to innovate and take risks through interactivity, thanks to the tools we have at our disposal.

Bet on impressing and the client’s perception will be totally different!

4.Address your client without technicalities

The more technicalities you use, the more lost it will be, this will certainly have a negative impact and reduce the chances of the project moving forward. Remember that it is very important to make him feel involved at all times.

5.Plant the idea as an investment opportunity for the future

It is important to set out the prices in detail, emphasizing the benefits of such an investment.

When developing an idea it is necessary to focus on the personality of the client, his tastes and interests. The proposal presented must have an impact on business values and priorities.

It presents each proposal as a solution to a problem and will be received positively. Finally, do not forget to be clear in the presentation of ideas and foresee in advance all the doubts that may arise for your client.