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Booking Influencer


The options for collaboration with influencers are endless, as there are hundreds of possibilities to combine depending on the action.

Through an agreement between the brand and the blogger, actions are agreed for the promotion of the brand, product or services in exchange for remuneration, products or any other type of compensation.

Influencers are the best brand prescribers you can count on. Nowadays they are considered by their followers as trustworthy referents whose recommendations are very valuable and enjoy total credibility for them.

Through their social networks they reach the target audience quickly, directly and effectively, reinforcing the brand image and increasing the number of sales.

Product delivery

This is one of the most recurrent and simplest actions. It consists of sending the product to the influencer to share it in their networks with their followers. You can make a post, a blog publication with direct link to the brand’s website or stories with swipe up redirected to the product among multiple options.

This collaboration does not have to be accompanied by an economic remuneration.

It is advisable to stipulate a budget per profile and that they can decide the product they want to receive. It is important to know that we must also set a tariff as an economic compensation.

We must agree beforehand the conditions of collaboration, as well as set the days on which the publications must be made.

Post sponsored

It consists of making publications under economic retribution in whose collaboration the influence should recommend the product to their followers and integrate it into their routine in the most casual and natural way possible.

Posts sponsored are always accompanied by a mandatory mention in which it must be reported that it is advertising.

Brand Ambassador

This type of collaboration is long-term and directly links the values of the brand with those of influence. In many cases an exclusivity contract is signed, in which no agreement can be made with another brand of the sector during the agreed period.

Finding the perfect profile, in tune with your brand, that provides visibility and guarantees sales is not easy. We must bear in mind that the values of the chosen profile will be related to those of your brand, so it is important to analyze their followers and think if we feel represented with their philosophy.

Participation in brand blog

On many occasions the brand itself has a blog in which certain celebrities invited to collaborate make publications focused on a specific topic, thus the brand achieves a greater reach.

Design of your own brand line

This is only feasible for brands or companies whose products or services are customizable. This is one of the actions that creates more union between the chosen profile and the brand, creating union links lasting in time.

It is undoubtedly one of the most effective and lasting actions in time.

Through this type of collaboration we will be able to strengthen relationships and associate the brand completely with the influence. Numerous influencers carry out this type of collaboration: Sara Carbonero for Ágatha París, Fátima Cantó for Menorquinas Popa, Laura Escanes for Mr. Wonderful, among many others.

Attendance at events

The organization of brand events is one of the actions that report more impact and more attention capture.

The inauguration of a store, a brand anniversary, the presentation of a new collection or new product are moments that benefit from the support and dissemination on social networks.

Sometimes the fact of giving them cachet and prestige for attending certain events makes it unnecessary the fee for attendance.

Collaboration through travel

Lately it is very common for travel companies, airlines and hotel chains to collaborate with influencers, who share with their followers the experiences and plans during the period that the experience lasts.

We must bear in mind that almost all collaborations are accompanied by discount codes for followers.

Before collaborating with any influencer analyze the objectives you want to achieve to consider if it fits to your needs and therefore to those of your company.