Cada año los géneros musicales de moda van variando y sorprendiéndonos con nuevos estilos que crean tendencia. Estos son algunos de los estilos musicales que no pararán se sonar este año: TRAP Se considera una subcategoría del rap. Surgió en ciudades como Atlanta o Houston a principios de...

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What is an event?

What is an event? and Why do a Business Event? Event definition The world of events is as complex as it is exciting. According to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy), an event is an important and programmed function of a social, academic, artistic or...

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The Artists Price

The Artists Price The price of the artists is one of the biggest unknowns related to show business. Knowing how much an artist charges per concert is difficult to find out, since it always depends on different factors such as the country where the...

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