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Born on September 4, 1981, in the midst of a middle class family in Houston Texas, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, daughter of a fashion designer and music producer from very small town showed a marked creativity that soon turned to music.

Driven by her father, with only 9 years old, formed in 1990, one of the women’s groups most successful R & B music industry of all time, Destiny’s Child.

Years later, Beyonce herself, confessed the long list of hardships and sacrifices that her family had to live to support her fledgling career and bet the talent and dedication of a strong artistic vision.

The band, consisting mostly of a cousin and childhood friends Beyonce, won her first single in 1997, the year they get a major record deal and their first success: the single “No, No, No”. Thereafter a meteoric career would place the young singer and her trio between the top of the music charts around the world with over 33 million copies sold and several Grammys to his credit.

In 1999, they released “The Writing’s On the Wall” and in 2000 published “Survivor”, soon to be located between the first preferences of the season, achieving double platinum in just one month.

In 2001, Beyoncethe group decided to separate their lives and try to temporarily separate careers but its members say that Destiny’s Child is not officially dissolved and someday return to tread the stage together.

Since then, Beyonce released as a solo artist, does impact the critical and public taste with her first “Dangerously in Love” that earned her industry recognition for her undeniable maturity as a songwriter and performer and 5 more Grammys awards involving the major artists like Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Rich Harrison, Fanatic, Scott Storch and the legendary Luther Vandross on “The Closer I Get To You”.

Also in 2001 she received the ASCAP award for best pop songwriter, the first African-American woman to be awarded with such distinction.

Possessing an exceptional figure, a face of captivating rare beauty and charisma, Beyonce has also dabbled in other areas of the show to be star of various television and film projects such as the popular film “Austin Powers in Goldmember” where she played the character Foxy Cleopatra, and with Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie “The Fighting Temptations”, both resonant blockbuster.

Tempted with lucrative contracts to identify her image famous brands of clothing, international cosmetic lines or soft drinks, owner of a promising musical future, an exotic beauty and captivating and a path full of successes, no doubt Beyonce is set to be one of the stars of the show-business global.