Booking Actors, Singers, Cooks, Athletes, Comedians, Influencers and DJs

We offer the booking of the best National and International Artists and Celebrities for your Company or Institution. At TOTALÍSIMO, we provide complete services for your Event, Spectacle, Show or Advertising or Media Campaign.

If you cannot find the artist or celebrity you want to hire, send us an email, and we will offer you a quote for his hiring.

Send us a message with the artist or celebrity you are looking for and we will send you the price for the Singer, Cook, Sportsman, Humorist, Influencer or DJ you want. In addition, we will quote you other complementary activities for your Event, Show or Advertising Campaign.


Book Actors, Singers, Cooks, Athletes, Comedians, Influencers and Famous DJs at national and/or international level.

TOTALÍSIMO is a company specialized in organizing all kinds of events in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Marbella, Ibiza or Granada, and has extensive experience in the organization of social events, business meetings, conferences, celebrations, seminars, conferences, sporting events, weddings, etc.

Totalísimo deals with all the services related to the needs demanded by clients, assistants and personalities that cannot always be attended by the Hosts of the Event. Each event is designed and prepared especially for the needs of each client, based on the objectives behind it, making its organization possible anywhere in the country.

Three reasons to book artists/celebrities with Totalísimo
  • An artist or celebrity increases the notoriety, exclusivity, and outcome of your event or marketing campaign
  • We facilitate and streamline the entire process, we take care of everything ensuring the success of your event or advertising campaign
  • We customize your budget by detailing all costs and avoiding extra costs and unexpected issues!