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Anastacia Newkirk was born on September 17, 1968 in Chicago, but his life took place in New York, and very small Anastacia lived surrounded by music, his father was his mother a singer and musical actress.

Success has not been easy road for her. At 13 years old was diagnosed with a chronic intestinal disease shortly after his parents divorced. She then moved with her mother to New York and continued his music studies in “The Professional Children’s School in Manhattan where he met with the actors Christian Slater and the late River Phoenix.

This stage of his training made him forge a career as a dancer through which came to appear on Club MTV and in several videos of rap group Salt-N-Pepa’s, but the big jump Anastacia came in 1999 when he got as a finalist in an MTV contest for young talent known as The Cut. It was not the winner but his heroics did arouse the interest of several record companies.

Following this strong performance was recognized by the right people, courted by several producers and eventually hired by Epic Records. It was also in that show where he met Michael Jackson Anastacia who encouraged her to continue singing. Ultimately, this relationship was key in its evolutionAnastacia.

Anastacia burst onto the music scene in 1999 with his album, Not That Kind debuút, who conquered the critics and audiences with her powerful vocal range. Soon conquered Europe and secured his place as an international superstar with sales of gold, platinum and multiplatinum in more than half a dozen countries with sales exceeding 5 million copies.

But the best thing for the singer arrived with Freak of Nature, an album that hit like a hurricane in record stores. It was the confirmation of his talent, the album was consecrated.

However, for the following year was not so good for Anastacia. as it was detected a tumor in the chest after making public his illness, was in the hands of doctors and departed from the world of music. Anastacia won a struggle that has made him grow personally and professionally. The proof was that a year later, in 2004, fully recovered, the blonde Chicago launches its third album, Anastacia, with headline-grabbing successes as “Left Outside Alone.”