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Julio Iglesias

Julio IglesiasJulio Iglesias was born in Madrid, Spain in September 23rd 1943. He is a business man, former soccer player and the Spanish-speaker Singer with most commercial success and cultural impact of all times.

Julio has approximately performed for 60 million people around the five continents and he is the foreign Singer with most sales in Brazil (17 million) in 2001 and in France (9 million) in 2005; in Spain, his home country, he is the album top seller with 23 million until 2000. According to the book “Riquísimos” of journalist Jesús Salgado, Julio Iglesias is the ninth fortune in Spain, with an approximate heritage of 5,200 million US Dollars in 2009.

He studied Laws in the “Colegio Mayor Universitario San Pablo” in Madrid, although when studying english later in Cambridge, he writes several songs and from his humble experience in the field, he decides to go to a record company to offer one of his songs so one famous singer from the label would sing it. That was when the manager of the label listens to the song and askes Iglesias to perform it himself and he answers “but I’m not a singer”.

He was finally convinced by the record company and participated in the famous “Festival Internacional de la Canción de Benidorm” which he wins with song “La Vida Sigue Igual” and which makes him sign a contract with Columbia Records, the Latin section. So he recorded his first single, with his first famous song, winner of several awards and contests which also was in the top of all Spanish music charts.

After this step succesfully made, his first CD came "Yo Canto", in the DECCA studios in London and he goes on his first Tour in Spain. Among other succesfull albums around the world, there are “Gwendolyne” (1970 – Inspired in his first girlfriend from Cambridge), “Un canto a Galicia” (1972), “Por una mujer” (1972), “A flor de piel” (1973), “Und das Meer singt sein Lied” (1973), “A México” (1975), “El amor” (1975), “América” (1976), “A mis 33 años” (1978), “Sono un pirata, sono un signore” (1978), “Aimer la vie” (1978), “Emociones” (1979), “Hey!” (1980), “De niña a mujer” (1981), “Minhas canções preferidas” (1981), “Begin the beguine” (1982), “Momentos” (1982), “Momenti” (1982), “Internacional” (1983), “Julio” (1983), “1100 Bel Air Place” (1984), “Libra” (1985), “Un hombre solo” (1987), “Raíces” (1989), “Calor” (1992), “Crazy” (1994), “Tango” (1996), “Mi vida: Grandes éxitos” (1998), “Noche de cuatro lunas” (2000), “Ao meu Brasil” (2001), “Divorcio” (2003), “Love songs” (2003), “En français” (2004), “Romantic classics” (2006), “Live from Los Angeles” (2009), “Nathalie” (2010), “1” (2011), besides ther collaborations with Singer like: “Without a Song de Willie Nelson” (1983), song: As Time Goes By, “Suspiros de España de Manolo Escobar” (1987), song: Un canto a Galicia, “What a Wonderful World de Willie Nelson” (1988), song: Spanish Eyes, “Soñadores de España de Plácido Domingo” (1989), song: Soñadores de España, Duets of Frank Sinatra (1993), song: Summer Wind, “Piel de hombre de José Luis Rodríguez” "El Puma" (1992), song: Torero, among other.

Among some of the world known Festivals he has been in, with a major audience with records of massive assistance, there are “Viña Del Mar”, “Festival de la canción de Luxemburgo”, Midem en Cannes, Francia and the Osaka Festival in Japan. (He broke a new record in Spain: 41 concerts in 41 different cities, for 30 days, one set was to inaugurate the Puerto Banus in Marbella with the presence of Princess Grace of Monaco and the Aga Khan).

His popularity around United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Middle East sum up millions of sold records. He received the award of top record seller in the world of his company, Columbia Records and recorded his first álbum in Dutch "Und das Meer Singt Sein Lied", which sold more than a million copies.

He conquered all kind of markets singing in English, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and French. He officially moves to Miami, Florida in 1978, bringing all his kids later on.Julio Iglesias

In 1983 in Paris, Julio receives the one and only award “Diamond Album” never given to any Singer before by Guinness records, for selling more albums than any other artist ever: 100 million copies in six languages and Paris Mayor by the time, Jacques Chirac, honors him with the medal of Paris.

Besides the endless list of awards and success, he overcomes excessively artists like Elvys Presley, The Beatles and other English ones in their own country. He performes with Plácido Domingo and Charles Aznavour (conducted by Zubin Mehta) in the Lincoln Center of New York, celebrating the Centennial of the Statue Of Liberty. He organized and participated in the tribute to “Don Pedro Vargas” in Mexico, for his 80th birthday. He sang with Frank Sinatra in 1986 in a benefit concert for the Cancer Hospital in Palm Springs, California and opened with Willie Nelson the concert of Farm Aid, to benefit the U.S. farmers. That same year he is named Honorary Chairman of the American Association of Muscular Dystrophy and gave a concert in Los Angeles, to benefit the Ford Foundation for abandoned children. In 1989, Julio Iglesias is named by UNICEF the Special Representant of Artistic Performances, which included concerts to raise funds around the world. That same year the title of International Honorary Professor of Music to The New World School of the Arts in Miami, was given to him. Besides this, a scholarship carrying his name is given every year to one student. He went to the 25th event of the “Crystal Ball” in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York to benefit the Mount Sinai Medical Shcool. Julio gets in 1997 the award of Best Latin Singer by the World Music Awards in Monaco, in addiotion to the Gold Medal by the General Society of Authors of Spain (SGAE).

In August 17th 2002, Julio went to Puerto Banús, Marbella, for the opening of the first street named after him in Spain: “Avenida Julio Iglesias”. In recognition for his international projection, in September 12th 2002, Julio was named "Embajador Del Cocido De Lalín" and received the gold badge of that Galician municipality from the hand of its mayor, who as "Gran Comendador Del Cocido" led out the symbolic imposition of a spoon to the singer. Julio also received in this same act, the cape that distinguishes the members of the "Encomienda Del Cocido", gastronomic-cultural society which seeks the promotion and dissemination of this Galician traditional dish prepared in Lalin with famed delicacy.

Julio Iglesias spends part of his life in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, country he defines as “Second Home Country” and which has given him the citizenship, as in United States and Spain.
Historically and at present (2012) Julio continues touring around Spain and the world, being sentimentally related to all humanity and loved by all the nations where he takes his music to.


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