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TontxuTONXTU or Jose Antonio Garcia Ipiña was born in August 17, 1972 in Bilbao. One of the most scathing and realistic songwriters. His beginnings date back to 1990 when he began working as an announcer at the radio station “Cuarenta Principales" of Bilbao.

Later on he moved to Madrid where he began singing in a coffee-shop called “Libertad 8” where he met Rosana Arbelo, Andrés Molina, Rogelio Botanz and Paco Bello, among other songwriters who supported and encouraged him to sing in other cafes in the capital.

In 1996 signed with EMI-ODEON, with whom he made his first records: “Se Vende” (1997, year in which he got a nomination for author revelation of the year in the music awards), “Corazón de Mudanza” (1998), “Con un Canto en los dientes” (2000) and “Básico” (2001, after this year he signs a contract with Tool Music) This album closes the cycle with the company as a compilation that includes only two new songs: Back and Chueca.

In 2006 he returned to radio Onda Cero to work as a partner in “Te Doy Mi Palabra” directed and presented by Elizabeth Gemio where, in addition to their comments, create a song with the most relevant news that have emerged in the week. That same year he starts to be the artistic producer of another author. His debut on the other side of the mixer would be with Andres Suarez in “Maneras De Romper Una Ola”.

He signs with “Factoría Autor” with which he records his seventh albumTontxu “En El NOmbre Del Padre”. In March 2010 he made his first trip to Argentina. To the surprise that there was an audience that knew their seven previous albums, returns the month of October of that year to record in El Calatafe Studio an album accompanied only by his guitar, is titled “Tonxtu Solo”.

An album containing songs from his previous jobs, plus 5 unreleased tracks. Recorded in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier, in caves, on the shore of Lago Argentino, just to mention some of the exciting and unusual locations he visited. As well as Santiago de Chile (second time) where he also enjoys a loyal audience who knew his steps during his 16-year career in Spain.

In recent times, the Spanish singer has expressed solidarity with the hearing impaired, so in many of his concerts he can be seen accompanied by a sign language interpreter.

Now the actions of Tontxu acquire a still more intimate atmosphere, breaking barriers that music could not seem to break down.


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