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Luis Miguel

Luis MiguelLuis Miguel is not only the singer with the most prestigious Spanish voice of our days and for decades now, but also has become the artist with the greatest impact, importance and relevance in the contemporary international music scene.

He came to music influenced by his father who also had been a musician; Luis Miguel at age 12 recorded his first album, and being only 15 years old, his talent and charisma made him come to receive his first Grammy Award of the Academy Arts and Sciences.

At age 17 he was hired by the company Warner Music International, and he recorded his fifth album “SOY COMO QUIERO SER” with which won 8 Gold and 5 Platinum.

From then there would only be hits for Luis Miguel, each work seemed to be more successful than the previous; sales sweeping throughout the 90's where he received the World Music Awards recognition for achieving stand out worldwide, this award was the first time that is given to Latin American singer. His records are happening: 1991, "Romances" with 15 million sales. “America” Live 1992 with 1.5 million; in 1993, "Aries" with 6 million sales; in 1994 "Romances II" with 9 million copies sold. In 1995 "El Concierto" with 2 million sales. In 1996 "NADA ES IGUAL” with 4 million sales. 1997, "Romances" with 13 million sales. 1999, "AMARTE ES UN PLACER” with 6 million sales.

Throughout this decade, the awards will follow him.
On October 3, 2000 Launches EN VIVO, recorded during the concerts of the tour in Monterrey, which includes hits throughout his career and the unreleased "Y" and "La Bikina" accompanied by a mariachi.
In late 2001 and 2002 come, respectively, MI ROMANCE (fourth album of boleros, with the single "AMOR; AMOR; AMOR") and MIS BOLEROS FAVORITOS (disk which collected the best of their performances, plus a DVD).

In September 2003 released his album "33" in allusion to his age, which would allow fans and fans find innovative melodies and songs that would open the door again to an assured success.
In 2004, launches "Mexico en la Piel", which comes with a Mariachi andLuis Miguel pays homage to his homeland and singing rancheras with the same chords. The presentations for this CD not long in coming, and certainly that would achieve unimaginable repercussions when piracy announces a general decline of sales, Luis Miguel, "Mexico en la Piel" manages to sell nearly 1 million copies. Breaking his own record for 30 consecutive presentations in the "Auditorio Nacional" he becomes the first artist to perform many concerts in one place and goes without saying that the awards again surrender to him.

Arriving in 2005 and an unshakable success, the singer decided to release "Greatest Hits" that if anyone had any doubts, confirms that it is the world's No. 1 Latin music worldwide success in sales.

On November 14, 2006 presented his album "Christmas" which collects 11 Christmas songs originating in the USA In 2007, he began a tour called hits, which included in its repertoire the same songs in Spain, Venezuela and the United States.
In May 2008, Luis Miguel released his new album, entitled "COMPLICES" which contains 12 songs of the Spanish composer Manuel Alejandro. A year later, launched the album "NO CULPES A LA NOCHE" a collection of 10 of his greatest hits Pop Club Remix versions. The theme remixes "SERA QUE NO ME AMAS" quickly reached # 1 on the charts, becoming the biggest selling album via digital downloads after having gone on sale.

In August 2010, he released "LABIOS DE MIEL” first single from his new album, being followed by “LUIS MIGUEL, “MUJER DE FUEGO”, “ES POR TI”, “TAL VEZ ME MIENTES”.

Luis Miguel continues his concert tours that has taken him from 2011 to 2012 to cover all continents and the soon to visit Spain.

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