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JamiroquaiJamiroquai has spent nearly a decade putting funk in our lives. Throughout this time it has become a unique global force that has challenged the concept of genre, selling over 15 million albums and becoming one of the most impressive live performances worldwide. His music is a mix of funk, jazz and disco, which makes aware of the music industry has found difficulties to classify into one category.

Jamiroquai is a name that comes from the Native Americans "Iroquois" (worship of the earth), that name was joined to "Jam" (concert). So for Jason Kay, lead singer of the group, Jamiroquai is the name of a feeling that we are constantly reminded of where we came from.

Jason Kay was influenced by music from a very young and his mother Karen Kay was a jazz singer, wrote songs from a very young, with the passage of time he formed his group. One of the passions to JK confessed are fast cars and sports. The singer has nine cars, including a Ferrari than only six worldwide.

The band formed in 1989 but only appeared in 1992. His musical style was innovative and stale at the same time, so he broke with the above from the time it came to light.

Jamiroquai was formed in 1992 and created a current "underground" massive departure from his classic When you gonna learn? in Acid Jazz, an independent label in London, later that year. After a barrage of offers from record companies, reached an agreement with (Sony Music) to publish 8 discs with the company. At that time, everyone recognized that Jamiroquai had talent and plenty of individual quality to sustain a long career full of successes.

The year was 1993 and their first album "Emergency on Planet Earth" came his first big hit "When You Gonna Learn." No doubt Jamiroquai lyrics came as a breath of fresh air, but not only for the music itself, the commitment of Jay in his lyrics had to do much with in that success.

Jamiroquai is probably one of the first groups coming out of the musical landscape of dance music has gained a diverse mix of fans of all ages and lifestyles different musical tastes. The fans appreciate the distinctive sound, good melodies and provocative lyrics often have a core group Jamiroquai for the better part of a decade, without depending on prevailing fashions without sacrificing musical integrity.

Words that reflected sharp criticism of governments, the apathy of the people for not wanting to change what happens around us and the angst that is reflected in each of his songs, an anxiety about environmental issues. Another hit singles "Emergency On Planet Earth" was "Too Young To Die."

In 1995 they released their second album "Return Of The Space Cowboy", a record that experts say is better than its predecessor and which highlight the potential Jamiroquai, creating hits like Space Cowboy, Light Years, Mr Moon and others. Achieved excellent sales in Europe, Japan and the United States, confirming the success of the first was not ephemeral or coincidence. It was then showed another artistic fasceta really attractive: their clips. Music videos, bold, daring and visually perfect managed to catch the young people around the world.

In 1997 and after entering his third album, "Travelling Whithout Moving", the band participated in a campaign in defense of animals and all its parts were declared vegetarians. This third album was the final trigger of his success around the world with songs like "Virtual Insanity", "Cosmic Girl" and "Alright", which prompted the group to the top of the charts around the world. These successes allowed the band to take the plunge and move to move "underground" American.

In 1998 they received two Grammys for his third job. Also participated in the soundtrack of the movie "Godzilla" with the song "Deeper Underground", which was the main theme of the film. In addition to becoming an undisputed number one, your video was one of the most spectacular and expensive of his career.

In June 1999 he "Synkronized" his most anticipated album, once again, dripping with funk and soul good. Proof of this was their first single "Canned Heat." The second single, the hypnotic Supersonic, was a success and was followed by the third party, called King for a day. A world tour which sold out no doubt served to reaffirm the continuation of his international success in the next millennium.

In his subsequent album, 'A Funk Odyssey' (2001), the peculiar style of Jamiroquai reaches its peak. The album displays all the expertise in music Jamiroquai album, definitely confirming your personal style.

After 4 years of silence, appears in 2005 the single "Feels just like it should" as the letter of "Dynamite", his new job. The album was produced by Mike Spencer with Jay Kay. It reflects a mixture of sounds to which we are accustomed to a more hawkish tone, funky rhythms and the occasional nod romantic.

"Dynamite" was written and recorded in Spain, Costa Rica, Scotland, New York, Los Angeles and the study of Jay Kay in Buckinghamshire, created especially for the album.

In 2006 ended the year with the publication of a new album, this time greatest hits with two unreleased songs. The album is called "High Times: The Singles 1992-2006". Among the new songs are "Radio" and "runaway" the first single plate.

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