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Bibiana Fernandez

Bibiana FernandezBibiana Manuela Fernández Chica (Manuel Fernández Chica) was born in Tánger in February 13th 1954 as a man and after many hormonal treatments and surgeries, bécame “Bibi Fernández”, movie actress, Singer and TV show hostess in the Spanish television.
She lived in Malaga and moved to Barcelona to make her dream of becoming an artista come true, which costed her a lot of work and sacrifice but finally got her to be the main Starlette of network “Cadena Ferrer” that managed several clubs in Barcelona.

She debuts in the screen thanks to Vicente Aranda in the movie “Cambio de Sexo”. After this, several acting works come along, such as: “La Noche Más Hermosa” (1984), “Sé Infiel Y No Mires Con Quien” (1985), “La Ley Del Deseo” (1987), “Remando Al Viento” (1988), “Acción Mutante” (1993), “Más Que Amor Frenesí” (1996) and “Rojo sangre” (2004) among others.

She had a musical shot too, recording an álbum in 1980 named after her. It was a total success with songs like "Call me Lady Champagne" and "Sálvame". She participated in different TV shows and theaters continuing her work as a magazine vedette.

After debuting as a TV hostess in the show “La tarde”, Pilar Miró proposed her as a co-host of Carlos Herrera in music and variety show “Sábado Noche” (1988-1989). In 2005 she started collaborating in the TV show “Channel Nº4” in cannel Cuatro, besides collaborating in the radio sports section “Radio Estadio” by Onda Cero.

She is currently working as a collaborator of “El programa de Ana Rosa” and ocasionally she participates in “La Noria”, "I love Escassi", “Mira quién mira” and “Sálvame” in Telecinco. In addition, she acts with also actress Loles León, in the play "La gran depresión".

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