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Linkin Park

Linkin ParkLinkin Park started in the City of Los Angeles, southern California (USA).

The band formed in 1996 by Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hann and Phoenix, at first with the name of Hybrid Theory. Phoenix later left the band and toured with a group called Snax, and its output is joined by vocalist Chester Bennington.

After a time they changed the name of the band by Linkin Park. This new name was due to a change in Lincoln Park, which was changed for legal reasons.

So everything was ready to begin, and in his first appearance at a club in Los Angeles shocked the public. He quickly gained a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records label, which Don Gilmore produced his first album.

Linkin Park released their album Hybrid Theory presentation in late 2000, making his first performances as the opening act at concerts for bands like Deftones, Roots, Aphex Twin and Nine Inch Nails. For the recording, with the collaboration of the Dust Brothers and producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Eve 6, Tracy Bonham). The first album with this group has managed to sit on the right and left Deftones KoRn, earning the esteem of critics and selling a million copies in a few months.

In late March he published his new album, Meteora. Somewhere I Belong is the first issue is released Meteora, a highly anticipated album is the continuation of the multi-platinum Hybrid Theory. The output of the disc coincides with a brief tour of Europe, which after Linkin Park return to the U.S. to start the Projeckt Revolution Tour 2003.

In the production of Meteora were the band's rapper, Mike Shinoda, and engineer Don Gilmore, who has worked in the billionaire Hybrid Theory. Both have advanced the musical direction of this album is heavier, although this has meant sacrificing the melodic edge of Linkin Park to honor named after the parke Linkom.

On November 30, 2004 released "Collision Course" DVD in a CD that blends the music of Linkin Park with the lyrics of one of the biggest stars of hip-hop, Jay-Z. The album includes the biggest hits from both artists, that have been recorded again combining music and lyrics in songs 7 "new."
In May 2007 they release their next album with the title "Minutes to Midnight." For this production prepared 150 songs of which only recorded 17.

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